Private Jets

Private jet rentals are the new way to fly! If you are looking to get from A to B in a timely manner, private jets are your solution. Not only are they extremely fast, but they are also now very affordable. Chartering an aircraft for a personal excursion or group travel? We’ll find the private aircraft that best suits your travel experience at the best airport for your guests. Need an executive jet chartered for business or corporate functions? Consider a Jet Charter as your personal travel logistics coordinator for any aircraft charter or jet rental. Empty legs charter flights can save your travel companions or employees airfare. Let us optimize your travel budget by searching empty leg flights in your departure city. So why charter a private jet? The truth is, the customer is already well aware of the benefits of charter flights. The repeat customer will never want to fly commercial airlines ever again. Logistics create problems.  Private jets gives travel-oriented businesses and the more refined personal traveler solutions they can’t get from commercial air.

Benefits Of Flying In A Private Jet

Flying Private

Flying private also saves passengers the stress and frustration of going through those dreaded security lines. While the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes, clothing, belts and jewelry.

Aircraft Captains

Aircraft captains traditionally greet their passengers at the FBO and ask to see identification before escorting the group to the aircraft. If passengers are late, the aircraft waits. There are no plane changes during the flight, so no reason to sprint across sprawling airports.


You don't have to deal with the TSA or long check-in lines, so you can you arrive at airport minutes, not hours, in advance. That's time, money, and aggravation saved. And when you get off, your bags are thrown right into your car.


Passengers arrive at their destination ready to work or play. They save time and get more done. They can visit multiple destinations in one day, or change flight times and destinations throughout the day as needed.